Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor

Engineered for speed and economy. Quiet. Dependable. Easy to maintain.

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Chain Driven Live Rollers

Chain Driven Live Rollers

Chain Driven Live Roller conveyors are used when heavy-duty and extra-duty live roller conveyors are required.

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Free Conveyor Rollers

Gravity Conveyors

A Gravity Conveyor is the heart of the conveyor industry. A basic knowledge of its application will carry through many other types of conveyors.

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Logan Conveyor Roller Bearings

Roller Bearings and Descriptions

The descriptions here will help you in choosing the correct bearing application.

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Logan Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors are engineered for speed and economy. Quiet, dependable and easy to maintain. Logan Conveyor Systems are unique for basic simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

1st Source Products, Inc. can provide you with all Logan types of conveyor components and parts. 1st Source Products offers engineering, design and system integration, as well as, complete line of Enclosed Track Conveyors that includes standard overhead monorail, power and free, components and systems. This product line features: Low Cost, light-weight strength which allows the system design to carry conveyor loads up to 60 lbs. per foot. The fully enclosed track permits application in various contaminated environments. Flexibility brought about by a design that can run straight up, straight down, or upside down, curves with a 16 inch radius and modular components give flexibility which conserves space, permits changes, and makes it practical to serve production equipment in remote, difficult locations.

Installations are simple with all track components pre-engineered, prebound, and ready to assembly. It's light weight characteristic requires less support steel for a given load. Heat treating of all curves, wheels, chain side links and carrier pendants assure long life operation.

Some of the Logan Conveyor Systems include:

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The Logan Co., Engineering Data Book for ConveyorsThe Logan Co., Engineering Data Book for Conveyors

The Logan Co., Bearing Data SheetsThe Logan Co., Bearing Data Sheets